The staff here at Weebly are looking to expand our reputation, but we can't do it without your support! If you want to see the Official DEA Website live on throughout the annals of history, then join with us in our fight to occupy a page in the yearbook!
Unfortunately, this task is neither cheap, nor easy. It requires sweat, blood, and bit of cash.
Our goal is to raise $99.99 to purchase an advertisement in the 2009-2010 DEA Yearbook. But we can't do it alone.
So ask yourself: Do you want to support a greater cause? Do you want your children, and your children's children, to remember the greatest Website DEA has ever made? Or would you rather let it die?
The choice is yours.

Donations anywhere from $1-99 can be made to Mrs. Cindy Brett, Yearbook Chairperson. Please specify your cause as the "Weebly Advertisement."
Thank you for your support.

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 Welcome back students and alumni!

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