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Eagle Basketball Pre-Season Training

Video: DEA's own Zach Tant pulls a 360 dunk during practice this summer.
David Emanuel Academy has begun practice for Men's and Women's basketball in the 2009-2010 season. New coach Walker McClendon is optimistic about this year's team, allegedly quoting, "We'll burn some rubber."

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Eagle Baseball '09: Spring Training

The Eagle baseball upperclassmen took a trip last weekend to the 2009 Cocoa Beach World Championships in Florida, where they played their first five games of the season without a single loss. Last year's returning champions - a team hailing from Montreal, Canada - were defeated in two separate games by the prime athletes of Stillmore. Spirits were high at the Academy, as students and faculty alike have adopted the battle cry "5-0 in Cocoa." The Eagles expect to continue their winning streak as the season begins on Monday.



Above: Canadian players hang their heads after a loss to DEA in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Eagle Baseball '09: Pre-Season Training

Eagle baseball starts early this year, with the team getting a jump on their highly anticipated return to Eagle Stadium. In the words of Head Coach Travis Motes, "We're hoping to have a good turnout. It should be a good year if all goes well and if things work out for us like we want them to." The team has some fresh talent from Emanuel County Institute, located "down the road a bit" in Twin City, Georgia. But the most notable additions to the team are this year's promising freshmen, Trevin Goodman and Isaac Walden. With these two players on the field, the Eagles might just go all the way.


At Right: DEA senior Hudson Johnson rips the ball to left field in Tuesday's Pre-Season practice.

Eagle Baseball '09: New Facilities

The 2009 David Emanuel Academy baseball team is welcomed back to a newly renovated diamond, complete with grass infield, made possible by the generous donations of the Booster Club's "Silly Slipper Day" program. The stadium lightbulbs have been replaced and sponsor signs are being hung along the outfield fence.

Eagles Favorite Questioned After Game
From the Stillmore Herald, February 1, 2009

    On Friday, after a huge win for the Academy, some local law enforcement officers had a few words to say to local favorite Ricky Neon, DEA's new superstar student that arrived shortly after state playoffs. Neon denied all charges by saying "the possession of the narcotics in my new Jeep Cherokee(woody) were not in my knowledge, I was just using the car that Mr. Randy Button let me purchase for a reasonable price." David Emanuel's school assistant principal was nowhere to be found after fleeing the scene with who appeared to be Ms. Barbara, keeper of the books at East Georgia College. More information will be released further into the week...